Black Mold on Carpet Cleaner

You’ll find some of the household products you can use to clean up black mold on carpet. This is a short list of items commonly used are safe for use. Black mold on carpet is really a fungus that thrives in damp conditions. It can be found at the location of the house is still […]

A Cleaner World Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning – Dry Cleaning methods are often not optimal for heavily soiled carpets. Steam method requires equipment with high pressure and drying must be fast to prevent odors and damage to the carpet because of damp. Here are some types of machines rug cleaning equipment on the market today, along with methods of cleansing: […]

Awesome Black Outdoor Carpet

Black outdoor carpet – If your home has black carpeting, can adorn the room will be challenging, but there are a few decorative accents, you can add to the room to make it impressive. Include a sofa in the living room in the same color family as curtains. A white sofa will look striking in […]

Awesome Black Indoor Outdoor Carpet

Black indoor outdoor carpet – Outdoor carpets differs from the indoor carpeting in that it is water-resistant and do not have the padding under the carpet surface. This is done to prevent the carpets from growing mold. An alternative to green outdoor carpeting is brown carpets. Several pieces of brown outdoor carpeting can be used […]

Awesome Interlocking Carpet Tiles

Interlocking carpet tiles – Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your basement through the kitchen floor tile to cover the concrete. A few tiles election install and remove easily, just in case you have a spill or have to move. Others are more permanent and can last a lifetime. Tiling your basement is a […]

Beauty Interface Carpet Tile

Interface Carpet Tile Ideas – Over 25 years now Interface introduced a new concept of carpet tiles which was a revolution. It was a modular system that allowed to place a carpet, where and when they want, directly on the ground without. Adhesive and in which the joints were completely hidden. Interface carpet tile offers […]

Awesome Floor Carpet Tiles

How To Install Floor Carpet Tiles – Carpet offers a choice of affordable flooring that is easy on the feet, warm and a barrier on floors that can be difficult and noisy. Carpet can be installed directly over other flooring options. Using carpet tape double face lets you complete the faster and less labor work, […]

Carpet Pad Area Rug

Rug pad – If a carpet pad gets wet, it can be a disastrous situation. A wet carpet pad will quickly lead to mold, mildew and strange odors. There are several ways to freshen up a wet carpet pad. For best results, use several or all methods to eliminate any chance for stinky or musty […]

Bright Pink Rug

Pink rug – stains of pink rug can be difficult to eliminated, especially stains caused by highlighters. A variety of rug cleaning products has available.  Consider instead a few inexpensive, easy to find products that can remove stains quickly, without causing damage. Liquid detergent is a mild cleanser to eliminate stains on the pink rug […]

Brown Stripe Milliken Carpet Tiles

Milliken carpet tiles – It used to be difficult to install a new carpet in your home. Handling of large rolls and heavy. Tile carpeting today do the work much simpler. Remove carpet old, if present, from the floor and discard, along with the adhesive strips for carpet. Bar, vacuum and MOP the floor to […]